We started our program back in the early 90's. We like big bodied foundation cows that are the total package. On the female side of things, we started with Emperor, Overwhelmer, Senator, and a few other lines. The bulls we put on them primarily started with the VJ Tommie line. They were Unmatched and Shalako Chex. Over the last few years we have retained daughters of these great herd sires. We are also using sons of those same foundation bulls who are D/O Kansas Cowboy, JBR Chrome and D/O Sundance.

Diana and myself are partners in the Millennium Futurity, and Lifetime Members of the TLMA.
We want to thank you in advance for going through our website. Let us know if you have any questions about our cattle that we can answer for you. Here in Kansas we have a few different passions Family, Friends, Longhorns and some good Whitetail hunting.

Millennium Futurity